It all started in Gothenburg, Sweden back in 2003. After various incarnations the band we’ve now come to know as EF hit their stride by opening up their heavy distorted guitar palet to a much richer, textural approach with haunting melodies and harmonies. The band started touring and built up a dedicated fanbase throughout the years. The experience and confidence gained from 300+ shows have taken them all over Europe, Russia and Asia and it has shaped them to become the explosive, energetic and cathartic live band they are now today.

Please fast forward.. 20 years have passed since these odd boys met by coincidence and as it goes with age and experience also comes growth. The sound of the band has evolved away from the hardcore infused post-rock of their early days to a more complex and orchestral dynamic borealis.

EF did their latest live show in 2018 and went into a unintentional hiatus. Some members decided to form families, grow business, buy real estate and when the pandemics came none of them could imagine that there would be a new dawn for the band. But 2021 the core members of the band decided to unconditional meet up and distort their instruments again. Bits and pieces of music was formed into proper song material which the band decided to record and release. This will be the bands 5th studio album and they’ll call it “We Salute You, You and You!” and are set for a November 4th (2022) release through German post-metal powerhouse Pelagic Records (Mono, The Ocean, PG. Lost and many others).

Members (from left to right)

Thomas Torsson – Guitar, vocals
Erik Jardestig – Guitar
Niklas Åström – Drums
Daniel Juline – Guitar, electric bass, keys, vocals


We salute you, you and you! LP (Pelagic Records, New Noise, 2022)
Vāyu EP (Pelagic Records, 2016)
Ceremonies LP (ATS Records, 2013)
Delusions of grandeur EP (Pelagic Records, 2012)
Mourning golden morning LP (ATS Records, 2010)
I am responsible LP (ATS Records, 2008)
Give me beauty… Or give me death! LP (ATS Records, 2006)
A trilogy of dreams, noise and silence (Jezebel Recordings, 2005)