22.10.12 // Hymn of…

Happy times! We’re just about to release our second single from our forthcoming album “We Salute You, You and You!” out November 4th. This adventurous piece of music we’ve decided to call “Hymn of…” and is one of the first songs we finished for this album. Compared to the first single “Moments of momentum” this is way more typical EF with a lot of dynamical variations and both humble and aggressive in the very same time.
Streaming on all major platforms as of October 13th.
Album is released on November 4th by Pelagic Records. Asia release is handled by New Noise.
You can pre-order your copies now!

22.09.12 // First single & video “Moments of Momentum”

Finally its here.. First proper song from us in 6 years. We salute “Moments of momentum” to join the ever growing playlist of EF classics…
Streaming on all major platforms as of September 12th.

Video by Kerstin Ebert
Kerstin-ebert.com // https://instagram.com/superuschbeck

22.09.12 // New album alert!

Big news! We’re about to release our 5th studio album this fall. ”We Salute You, You and You!” is set for a November 4th release by German post metal powerhouse Pelagic Records around the world excluding China where we’ll work with our long time affiliates New Noise.

After five years of radio silence Sweden’s most accomplished cinematic post-rock ensemble EF return with a stunning comeback studio album which channels the band’s raw emotion and aptitude for melancholia, capturing their signature sound in unprecedented clarity and richness. “We Salute You, You and You!” is the picture capturing a thousand words, like the first light of day falling on your face or the exuberant smile of a young lover… it is the dance of eternity in the single moment: a warm “Welcome back!” for long-time fans and a resounding “Nice to meet you!” for those who yet have to get to know the great four-piece from Gothenburg. – PELAGIC RECORDS 2022

22.09.12 // And a release tour to salute the album!

In support of our new album ”We Salute You, You and You!” We’ll once again head ut on the roads of Central Europe. Almost 5 years since our last live show and we’re eager to play some new material for You! Please support us and make sure the shows are happening: Get your tickets in advance here